Poetry and MCC Magic

Alisa Gibbons, a senior at Miami Carol City Senior, was inspired at a young age to write poetry as a creative outlet and a way to express her feelings. However, when her mother suddenly lost her sight, Alisa turned her poetry into spoken word to share her passion and her progress with her mother. Last year, Alisa created a student led spoken word club entitled Spectrum, which is a haven for students who consider themselves "misfits" and are in their own ways very shy. The "misfits" come alive on stage. Spectrum had its first poetry event, entitled Spectrum Speaks in collaboration with two alumni poets, Analogy and May Reign and a student musical interlude by Ace and Just Josh. This event was held at Miami Carol City (MCC) and was presented to students at MCC. It was an instant success in part because the hard work of Alisa inspiring these young artist to become limitless with their artistry and because of the support of seasoned poets, May Reign and Analogy who have each been inspired by the talent at the school and want to give back to the school that gave to them. Spectrum is unique, because it is student driven, merges all grade levels and all demographics: athletes, book worms, band kids, Exceptional Education Students (ESE), etc. . . . and when they are together and when the hit the stage they are on the same side of the . . . Spectrum.

Separate note: Alisa Gibbons is a Silver Knight nominee in the category of Speech because of her service to Miami Carol City and how Spectrum, a branch under her larger project, Voices form the Darkness, is collaborating with the Light House for the Blind to put on a spoken word performance. Nichole Dino and I are Miami Carol City's Silver Knight coordinators and are role is that of support. The students have the vision and we remove the obstacles so that they can be creative and service orientated.

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